Zoom: Notes Tool

An overview of using the Zoom notes feature

The built-in notes feature in Zoom allows you to take notes before, during, or after a Zoom meeting. These notes can be formatted and shared with others in and outside a meeting, making them a helpful option for both individual and collaborative use.

  1. To start, log into your Zoom account with SSO. When you log in with the Zoom app, the notes feature will be located along the top list of options. You can open your notes from here, or you can open them during a meeting, as outline in the steps below.

    Screenshot of Zoom app's main page with Zoom notes option highlighted at top

  2. When you are in a Zoom meeting, the notes feature will appear as an option along the bottom of your screen with a notebook and pen icon. If it does not appear, try clicking the three dots labeled "More" to find it.

    Screenshot of Zoom notes location highlighted when in a meeting

  3. After selecting the notes icon, notes will pop out on the side of your Zoom screen. From here, you can create a new note by selecting the blue "New" button at the top right or "New note" at the bottom. After you have created your first note, this bottom option will be replaced with a list of notes you have created. You will be able to open and edit these previously-created notes.

     Screenshot of Zoom with new note buttons circled

  4. After you open a new note, you can rename it by selecting the current title at the top of the Notes feature. This appears on the same line as the button to click to share the note (the blue button with the white arrow). You can edit the note's title later if you'd like. Please note: you must have owner or co-owner access of the note to edit the title.

    Screenshot of Zoom notes highlighting the title location

  5. Below the title, you will find a formatting ribbon and text box where you can start typing your notes.
    1. You can format notes with heading styles and lists for better organization.
    2. Other tools available:
      1. change text color, font, and font size
      2. highlight text
      3. hyperlink text
      4. adjust alignment and increase/decrease indentations
      5. insert images

        Screenshot highlighting the formatting ribbon and showing how formatting options can be used in the text body

  6. You can also open your notes in a separate window from the rest of Zoom. This will allow you to open the chat and participants list at the same time.
    1. To do this, select the icon in the upper right corner next to the "close" option.

      "Open in New Window" option highlighted

    2. After the Notes window pops out, you will be able to open chat and/or the participants list and keep them open.

      Screenshot of Notes as a pop out window with the chat and participant list open

  7. After your Zoom meeting closes, you can still access your notes through the Zoom app.

    1. Select the "Notes" icon from the options along the top of the window.

       Screenshot of the options along the top of the Zoom app with Notes highlighted

    2. From here, you will see a list of your previously created notes. You can open and edit these notes, rename them, and share them.
      Screenshot of the Notes feature in Zoom app outside of a meeting

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