Zoom: Using Nonverbal Feedback

This article details how to use nonverbal feedback (emoticons, gestures, etc.) while in a Zoom meeting.

Nonverbal Feedback is a way of letting the host know something without having to use the chat or microphone. Nonverbal feedback also has an option to raise your hand to let the host know that you have something to say. Even though nonverbal feedback is intended for participants, hosts can use the tool as well.

You can provide nonverbal feedback by clicking Reactions on the right end of your toolbar. In the panel that opens up, select the reaction that you would like to convey to your host or click Raise Hand if you would like to speak. Your hand raise will last until you click Lower Hand, but the reactions will automatically disappear after ten seconds. You can also raise your hand and display a reaction at once, but you cannot display multiple reactions at the same time. Note: the three dots in the upper right corner allow you to select other emojis to use as reactions.

Reactions tab in the Zoom toolbar

Reactions will appear in the top left corner of users' images. All participants will be able to see a reaction.

Zoom meeting where participants have selected reactions

As a host, you can also see the counts of reactions that people are providing. To view these counts, click Participants in your toolbar.

On the right side of your screen, the list of participants in your meeting will pop up with icons of their reactions next to their names. At the bottom of the list, you can see all of the reactions that are currently being displayed and a count next to each reaction for how many times it's being conveyed.

Zoom reactions visible within the participants window

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