Zoom: Live Transcription Zoom

Walkthrough of Live Transcription options on Zoom

It is now possible to activate a live, computer-generated transcript in your Zoom meetings. There will be a Live Transcript button in your meeting controls for any meeting that you are hosting. 

Note: You should not assume that this will meet the requirements for a captioning accommodation. Contact DRES if you have a letter of accommodation, to assure that you are meeting requirements.

  1. In your Zoom meeting, click Show captions.

    Zoom meeting show captions

  2. If your screen is not full, you might not see the the option automatically in your controls. Click More, and then select Captions.

    Zoom meeting more settings

  3. Zoom will prompt you to select the caption language, you can change this later!
  4. To edit the captions' appearance and additional settings, click the next to the Show captions button.

    Zoom meeting caption settings menu

If you find the subtitles distracting as you teach, you can hide the subtitles by clicking Hide captions. Captions will still be available to other meeting participants, but they won't appear on your screen any longer.

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