Security for Zoom Meetings

A guide to security measures for Zoom meetings including passcodes, registration, and more.

Security for Zoom Meetings


All Zoom meetings are passcode protected by default. Zoom will automatically create a passcode for you, which you can choose to edit when you are creating the meeting. This is shown in the image below. 

Passcode creation in security options

If you have already created a meeting and want to edit the passcode, follow these steps:

  1. From, click Meetings in the left sidebar and hover over the link to the scheduled meeting that you need to edit the passcode for. When you hover over it, it will turn blue and the option to edit will appear to the right. Click Edit

    Edit option in Zoom meetings menu

  2. This will take you to the settings of your meeting. Scroll down to the "Security" section, where you can enter your new meeting passcode.

    Security options in Zoom meetings menu
  3. Scroll down and click Save.

Save button at the bottom of the meetings menu

Once in a meeting, you can locate the passcode at any time by clicking the green shield icon in the top left corner. This opens a window that contains the meeting details. 

Meeting details in the green shield button menu


One security feature of Zoom is to require participants to register for a meeting before they join. To enable this setting, check "Registration Required" when you are creating your meeting, under the options for meeting duration and time. 

Registration Zoom security feature

After you click Save, the next page will have a "Registration Link" to provide your participants. When a participant clicks on the link, they will see this screen that allows them to register:

Zoom registration screen

If they are already logged into Zoom, the information may auto-fill for them, but they may need to manually type it in. Once they have done this, they will receive a confirmation email with a link to join the meeting.

This setting prevents unwanted people who find the Meeting ID from entering, but does not prevent them if they are able to find a link to the meeting. The link will give them the option to register. 

Please note that this is an optional security setting, available to you if you choose to use it.

Additional Security Options

Security settings within Zoom

By default, participants will not be able to share their screen. To allow them to share, click Security in the meeting controls and select "Allow participants in this meeting to: Share screen." 

You can also select "Lock Meeting" to prevent others from joining once everybody is in, or "Enable Waiting Room" to deposit new participants into a waiting room before admitting them. Other security options in this menu include disabling Chat (by un-selecting "Chat"), and choosing whether you want participants to be able to rename and unmute themselves. 

Security button menu from Zoom toolbar

You can also edit the sharing options in your Zoom account settings.

Zoom account settings menu

If a participant is disturbing the meeting, you can choose to mute them or disable their video. To mute, click Participants in the meeting controls, hover over the participant's name, and click Mute. To stop their video, click More and then Stop Video next to their name. 

Stop Video

Waiting Room

The Waiting Room is another optional security option that allows you to decide who to let into your meeting. If you use this feature, you will need to admit each participant manually for each meeting. This is a good alternative to having a passcode for a public meeting, but you will need to have someone monitor the waiting room in order to admit participants. 

You can enable this when you are scheduling your meeting or while in a meeting.

    Waiting Room option in Zoom security settings     Zoom security pop-up menu from the toolbar

Zoom allows hosts to control when students join the class meeting. You can either let students immediately join the class when they log in, or hold all the students in the waiting room and admit them all at once. If you have enabled the waiting room feature, students will see a screen similar to this:

Zoom waiting room

The text will reflect the name of your class sessions.

We do not recommend enabling this feature for online classes. The waiting room feature can cause students to incorrectly assume that they are having issues getting into class. When you begin setting up your class sessions, we recommend you Allow participants to join anytime to allow students to enter the classroom as they log in.

Zoom meeting options

Read more about Zoom's waiting room here.

Only Allowing Authenticated Users to Join

You can also choose to only allow access to authenticated users. This means that users will have to be logged into Zoom before they can join. We do not recommend this option because it can complicate the process of joining the meeting for participants, but it is available to you. You can enable this when you are scheduling your meetings.

Authentication requirement in security settings

For more information about securing your meeting, please visit this page about How to protect your Zoom sessions from Technology Services

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