Adding Zoom Meetings to Outlook Calendar

How to Add Zoom Meetings to your Outlook Calendar.

Adding Canvas Zoom meetings to your Outlook Calendar will give you the ability to see these meetings in conjunction with other events on your calendar. Additionally, you can set reminders for these meetings and have another location for accessing links.

This process looks different based on whether you have created the meeting in Canvas yourself or if you are accessing a meeting that someone else has made. Note that in both instances, recurring meetings can be added all at once, but if you have several scheduled meetings that are not recurring, each one will have to be added individually.

Adding meetings that someone else created

  1. Open two tabs on your web browser. One should contain the Canvas activity with the Zoom meetings that you wish to add. The other should contain your Outlook calendar. Alternatively, you can open up Outlook on your desktop application if you use that instead.

  2.  Create a new calendar event and enter the name and time information for the meeting you wish to add. If the meeting repeats, enter the information for the first meeting and include information about its repetition in the event.

    Outlook calendar event

  3. On the Canvas tab, Right-click on Join next to the meeting that you would like to add. Select Copy Link Location.

    Canvas Zoom drop down menu

  4. Return to your calendar event and Right-click on the space Search for a room or location. Select Paste.

    Pasting meeting location calendar event

  5. Save your event. When you view it in your calendar, you will see the link to the Zoom location next to your location, and you can click to join it from your calendar!

Adding meetings that you created

  1. Find the Canvas activity that contains your Zoom meetings.

  2. Click the name of the meeting that you would like to add to your calendar. If it's a recurring meeting, click the closest upcoming meeting.

    Canvas Zoom meeting list

  3. Under the "time" header, you will find options to add your meeting to different calendar types. Click Outlook Calendar.

    Zoom meeting calendar selection

  4. A pop-up will appear asking you what to do with the .ics file.
    1. If you use the Outlook app, you can click Open with and select Outlook. This will automatically add the meeting and any recurring counterparts to your Outlook calendar. If you are using the Windows app, the events will also appear in your online calendar. Once you click Open with, the Outlook app will open up to show the Zoom meetings in your calendar, and you are done.
    2. If you use Outlook in your web browser, click Save File and continue onto the next steps

  5. Open up your Outlook Calendar in your browser.

  6. On the left side of your screen, click Add Calendar.

  7. In the window that appears, click Upload from file from the menu on the left.

    Upload calendar from file

  8. Click Browse.

    Browse computer files

  9. Locate the calendar file that you saved to your computer. It will most likely be in your Downloads folder. Select it and click Open.

    Selecting .ics file in file explorer

  10. Select which of your Outlook Calendars you would like to add the Zoom meetings to and click Import.

    Selecting and importing calendar

  11. You can now see your Zoom meetings in your calendar!

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