iSchool Classroom, LIS 131

Room 131 in 501 East Daniel Street is on the first floor of the building and serves as a classroom/lecture hall on a regular basis. The room is equipped with the A/V equipment necessary for hybrid and in-person classes.

Room Layout

The layout of Room 131 is shown below

map of room 131



Room 131 Equipment
Room 131 is equipped with the following: Room 131 does NOT have:
  1. Seating for 30
  2. A whiteboard
  3. Projector and screen
  4. An HDMI cable for connecting a laptop
  5. A built-in computer
  6. A built-in microphone
  7. A built-in camera
  8. A panel-controlled A/V system
  1. Chalkboard
  2. LED screens
  3. Solstice

This room contains a built-in computer. Using the built-in computer is the optimal way to use this space, especially for Zoom calls as only the built-in computer connects to the built-microphone and cameras.

If you prefer to use a laptop, the best way to do this is by using the HDMI cable because more issues arise when connecting wirelessly.

Control Panel

place holder photo, wall-mounted console for room 242

  • Power: Turns on and off the systems for the projector  
  • Mute: Pauses the projection  

  • Volume: Controls volume for built-in speakers (please adjust volume on built-in or laptop first) 

  • PC: This enables you to project the built-in computer to the television screens. This is the optimal way to use these rooms. If you have a guest joining online, please use this setting. You can also join the same meeting on your laptop (muting your laptop) for ease and comfort, but be sure the built-in computer is handling sound. 

  • HDMI 2: This enables you to project a laptop screen via an HDMI cable. 

  • VIDEO: This will give you the same options as PC (in rooms with Solstice capabilities this will be the setting you will need to use)
  • VGA: This will give you the same options as PC


Additional Images

1. The built-in desktop and its accessories

built-in desktop

2. Dongle and mac adapter

dongle and mac adapter for room 131

3. View of Room 131 from the presenter's seat

view from the presenters seat


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