iSchool Rooms: Clicker Instructions

A guide to using the clickers in the classroom at 501 E. Daniel St.

Note: Our laser pointers can also be used as clickers to navigate slideshow presentations.

Clicker Instructions

  1. Remove the USB device from the clicker–it should be located on the back of the clicker near the top.

    Clicker usb

  2. Insert the USB device into the computer you would like to present from.

    USB hub

  3. Navigate to the slideshow you would like to present and open it (you can also press the yellow F5/Esc button on the clicker to start the presentation).

    F5/Esc button

  4. Use the arrow keys on the clicker to navigate the slideshow.


If a clicker is not working, check that:

  • The USB connector is plugged into the computer using the clicker.
  • The clicker is turned on.
  • The batteries are not dead. (Try out the laser pointer function on the clicker to confirm.)
  • The slideshow is active window on the computer using the clicker. If a person is presenting in PowerPoint, then switches to another window, the clicker will not advance the slides until they make the slideshow the active window by clicking inside PowerPoint. This is a particularly common issue for hybrid presentations, when a presenter may be switching between PowerPoint and Zoom.

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