iSchool Rooms: How to connect the Television to a Mac Laptop Wirelessly (Panel Rooms)

A guide to connecting Mac laptops to televisions in rooms with control panels in 614 E. Daniel St.

You do not need additional software to connect via Airplay on Mac.

  1. Check that you are connected to the IllinoisNet wireless network.
  2. Using the control panel to set the source for the desired television to wireless projection.
    For rooms 4035, 4165, 5116:
    Conference room control panel wireless option
    Wireless source options
    For the Multi-Purpose Room:

    Multi-purpose room wireless source options
  3. On the laptop, go to System Preferences > Displays and select the proper room from the available displays in the Add Display drop-down.

4018 4018 room
4031 no Solstice connection
4035 room 4035
4165 room 4165
5116 room 5116
Multi-Purpose Room A room 4043a
Multi-Purpose Room B room 4043 b

Mac display options

  1. You will be prompted to enter the AirPlay password. There should be a 4-digit code displayed on the television (it pops up briefly in the center of the television but it will remain displayed in the locations in the photograph below). Enter this as the password. This password changes regularly so you should not bother saving or remembering it. Note: The photograph below was taken in room 4018. The screen you see will have your room number on it and a different password.

    Display password
  2. The laptop should now be connected to the television.

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