TDX: Creating a Ticket

A guide to creating new tickets in Team Dynamix (TDX), the ticketing system to track issues and workflows.

Creating a Ticket

We create tickets when we want to communicate an issue that someone called about or walked to the desk for. We also create tickets when we want to send an email to someone. To create a ticket in TDX, start from the UIUC - iSchool desktop and click on either + Support Request Form or + New and then select Support Request Form from the drop down menu.

Support Request Form button

This will open a new window where you can enter the information for your ticket.

Assigning a Requestor

In the Requestor box, type the name or email of the person you are making the ticket on behalf of. For example, if you are making a ticket for an issue that someone called about, you can put the caller's name or NetID here. If you want to inform the requestor that you have created the ticket, check the box under the Requestor box that says "Notify Requestor." This will send them an email and is only necessary if you want to contact the requestor about their issue.

Requestor box

Making a Title and Body

To create a title for your ticket, type the subject of the ticket in the Title box. In the Description box, type a description of the issue. If you are using this to send an email to the requester, type the body of your email here. 
Note: If you are using the ticket to send an email, sign off simply with your name. TDX will fill in a signature below it within the Description box.

 Title and description boxes

Other Features

Scrolling down in the Support Request Form popup window displays many more options for enhancing your ticket. If you want to attach a file, you can upload it using the Attachment field. If you want to assign responsibility for the ticket to yourself or someone else, you can add their name in the Responsible text box. If no individual is responsible for the ticket, assign UIUC-iSchool-Help-Desk as the "Responsible" party so that it shows up in our ticket feed. If you want to send the responsible party an email notification, leave Notify Responsible checked, otherwise, uncheck it.

When you are finished, click the green Save button in the upper left corner of the window. The ticket should now appear under tickets in the UIUC - iSchool tab.

Save button

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