Embedding Audio or Video from Illinois Media Space

A guide to embedding audio or video into a Canvas page.

Embedding Audio or Video from Illinois Media Space

These instructions for embedding audio or video from Illinois Media Space on Canvas are derived from instructions provided by ATLAS-IT Services for embedding IMS content on Canvas. 

    1. Record your audio or video and save as a file type that can be added to Illinois Media Space, such as mp4. 
      Note: For best results, Illinois Media Space recommends preparing videos in 1280x720 pixels and using the H.264 video codec at about 3000 kb/s.
    2. Using the editing toolbar in the text editor, click the Embed Illinois Media Space rainbow burst icon. This will take you to a popup window. 
      Note: You may need to enable cookies in your browser preferences in order to access this window. If you have already uploaded the video to the Illinois Media Space website, you will need to select your video and embed.
      Screenshot of the formatting options on Illinois Media Space, with the rainbow burst icon selected.
    3. In the new window, click Add New.
      Screenshot of "My Media" page with "Add new" selected.
    4. Select Media Upload.
      Note: Other options include: "YouTube," "Kaltura Personal Capture" (allows you to create a video using your webcam and/or a recording of your screen) and "Video Quiz" (allows you to select a video and insert interactive quiz questions).
      Screenshot of "My media" when "Add new" has been pressed, with options to choose from.
    5. Click Choose a file to upload. Find the file on your computer and click Open.
      Screenshot of the file page, with "choose a file to upload" highlighted.
    6. The file will take a moment to process. You can add a name and description of the file during that time.
      Screenshot of file page, with the options to add name and description highlighted.
    7. In the upper right corner, click Save and Embed.
      Screenshot of save and embed button.
    8. In the editing window, you will see an embedded link or your media. Once you have saved and submitted, the link will display as your embedded on screen. You can continue to edit this page, but do not edit this link or it will not function.
      Screenshot of the editing window on Illinois Media Space, where a video has been embedded into the editable box.
    9. When you are done editing, you can press Save (if you are embedding media on a Canvas course page) or Submit Assignment (if you are submitting an assignment).
      Screenshot of "Save" button.

      Screenshot of "Submit Assignment" button.

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