iSchool Rooms: How to Use the Control Panel (Multipurpose Room)

A guide to using the control panel in the Multipurpose Room (MPR) in 614 E. Daniel St.

The control panel to the left of the cabinet on the north wall controls most features of this room. This panel is a touch screen. Touch the screen to wake it up. 

Note: Please press buttons slowly. Allow the last command you gave the screen to be enabled before selecting another.

It is helpful to see how the rooms are laid out in order to understand some of the labeling in the room. Please reference the map below.

Map of multipurpose room technology

Video Options Screen

The main screen that displays when the control panel wakes up is the video options screen. This screen powers up individual televisions and the projector. Occasionally, these buttons are not active. Clicking Room On (bottom right corner) turns on all of the televisions and the projector at once. You can select individual televisions/projector to turn off from there. By default, these will display the built-in computer. The televisions are labeled in the map of this room and in the room itself.

Multipurpose room control panel homescreen

Video Matrix Screen

The video matrix screen controls which source (built-in computer, laptop/tablet/phone via wireless connection, or laptop via HDMI connection) is displayed on which television/projector. You can mix and match with each television and the projector displaying different sources.

Control panel video matrix screen

Audio Screen

Audio Matrix

Control panel audio matrix screen

The audio matrix enables you to choose which source audio comes in from and where it plays to. 

Room A N/A Plays audio from Solstice/Airplay in Room A Plays audio from a device plugged into HDMI A in Room A Plays audio from the built-in computer in Room A Plays audio from Solstice/Airplay N/A
Room B N/A Plays audio from Solstice/Airplay in Room B Plays audio from a device plugged into HDMI A in Room B Plays audio from the built-in computer in Room A Plays audio from Solstice/Airplay N/A
Room C A - Copies settings from Room A to Room C B - Copies settings from Room B to Room C

Please note, Room B is the front of the MPR nearest the projection screen, Room A is the the middle section of the room, and Room C is the portion at the very back of the MPR (which is open to the rest of the floor plan).

Room Volume

Control panel volume options

Room volume controls how loudly the inputs listed in the audio matrix play.

Microphone Volume

Control panel microphone settings

There are microphones, both handheld and lapel mics in the cabinet below the television on the north wall. This controls the volume of this microphones. These will connect to the room speakers, but not to Zoom. Zoom audio is picked up by the ClearOne microphones mounted to the ceiling.


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