Zoom: Attendance and Poll Reports

How to collect statistical data from Zoom meetings, for use in determining attendance, poll surveys, and more.

Instructors can generate attendance reports. Sign in to the Zoom web portal (it will default to your profile after signing in to Illinois.zoom.us) and select Reports. You can choose between Usage and Meeting. You can also click the User Activity Reports tab to view additional types of reports. (Co-hosts are considered participants meaning they won't have access to reports).

A direct link to Reports can be found here.

Reports tab in Zoom


Generating Attendance Reports

For attendance purposes, we would recommend Usage. The Usage report option allows the host to see a list of meetings, participants, and meeting minutes for the class session. You can also export these reports as an Excel file.

To download attendance reports, follow these steps: 

  1. Log into Zoom using a web browser (illinois.zoom.us)

  2. Click Reports > Usage Reports > Usage (see screenshot above)

  3. Edit "From" and "To" for the meetings you wish to track attendance for. Note: You are only able to view up to 1 month.

  4. Under Participants click on the number for the meeting you are generating a report for.Searching Zoom reports by date
  5. Click Export to download data in an Excel format.Export option in Zoom reports

  6. Note: The option for Export with meeting data is unchecked by default. If checked, the meeting ID, topic, start and end times, host's email, duration of meeting, and total number of participants will be added as data at the top of your spreadsheet (see screenshot below). 

Example Excel Zoom report

Poll Reports

Instructors can generate poll reports from their Zoom sessions after the meeting has ended. In the "Usage Reports" tab, click Meeting. Next to "Report Type," select the Poll Report option. Click Generate in the last column next to the meeting to obtain the poll data. 

Where to find the Zoom Poll Report option

The page will redirect you to the "Reports Queue" tab, where you can download the report as an Excel file.

Zoom Reports Queue


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