TDX: Making a Signature Template

How to make an email signature template in TDX.

Each TDX user can make personal templates for initiating new tickets. It is useful to create a template containing a signature that including your contact information or the contact information for your group (for example, the UIUC iSchool Help Desk).

Note: These instructions apply only to making a template for creating a new ticket. They will not work for adding a signature to an existing ticket (like one that has been created by a user emailing us.)

Creating a Signature Ticket Template

From your UIUC iSchool Dashboard on TDX, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select New Ticket Template.

A popup "New Ticket Template" window will open which includes many of the same fields as a new ticket.

You can set the following information in your template. The following are recommendations for filling out your template:

  • Template Name: (Your Name)'s Signature Ticket Template
  • Template Visibility: Just Me
  • Form: Support Request Form
  • Classification: Support Request Form
  • Title: Something generic like "Support Ticket." TDX requires that you include a title in the template, but you will want to change it before sending out the ticket.
  • Description: Fill in the following signature information:
    • (Your name)
    • (Your pronouns)
    • (Position title)
    • School of Information Sciences
    • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • Local: 217.244.4903
    • Toll-free: 800.377.1892

You can leave all other fields blank. Once you are done, click Save.

Using Your Ticket Template

When creating a new ticket, select + Support Request Form from the TDX menu along the top of the screen. 

In the new window that opens, you can select your signature Template from the Template drop-down menu.

All of the information that you included in your template will automatically be filled in, including your signature information.

You can then make additions to the ticket, such as adding a requester, changing the title to something more specific, and adding additional content in the "Description" field.

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