Setting up Hybrid Meetings in iSchool Conference Rooms

If you are using one of the rooms in either iSchool building which is equipped with the A/V equipment needed for a Hybrid meeting, then this guide will provide step-by-step direction on the arrangement of devices necessary to produce the best results and address outstanding issues such as echoing audio, forgotten passwords, and more. This article also includes a ton of links to similar helpful resources.

Hybrid using ONLY the Built-In Computer

  1. If you are using a teleconferencing program for a hybrid meeting (e.g., Zoom), you must use the built-in computer to access the room mics and cameras. 

    1. Log into the built-in computer following the instructions for How to use the control panel (Room 4035, 4165, 5116) or How to use the control panel (Multi-Purpose Room) and How to use the built-in computer.

  2. Open the teleconferencing software and log into the meeting.

    1. If you are the meeting host (per Zoom), you can log into the Zoom app on the built-in computer and find the meeting in "upcoming meetings."

    2. You can access your calendar by going to and logging in with your NetID and AD password.

    3. You can access your Zoom meetings via your laptop or other device and find the meeting ID to enter in.

  3. Once in the meeting, follow the instructions for Conference Room Hybrid Audio and Conference Room Hybrid Video

    1. Confirm with participants that they can hear and be heard. 

    2. If there is a presenter in the room and they are not seated, it is a good idea to hand the remote for the video camera to a participant so that they can track the movements of the presenter.

Hybrid using both Laptop and Built-In Computer

You can log into the meeting through both the built-in PC and your laptop so that the built-in PC is handling audio/video for the call and you can use your own laptop to actually run the meeting. Please follow the documentation on Joining Zoom from multiple devices before starting.

  1. Follow the instructions above to connect the built-in computer.

  2. Log into the same Zoom meeting from your laptop. 

  3. To prevent feedback and echos, do not join audio and/or mute yourself on Zoom and turn volume off on your laptop.

  4. Now you can host the meeting 


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