Kaltura, Blackmagic Devices and Personal Capture

A workaround to make Blackmagic capture devices work with Kaltura Personal Capture

Blackmagic devices historically have not been supported by Kaltura. If the Blackmagic device is connected to a PC you manage with administrative privileges, here's a possible workaround that you can try:

  1. Kill the Kaltura Capture app/process
  2. Navigate to this directory: C:\Users\[default user profile]\AppData\Local\Kaltura\Capture\Settings
    1. On a personal Windows machine, this directory can be found from your user account.
  3. Open defaultSettings.json
    1. This file should be in the directory for your user account
  4. Delete the text “deviceBlacklist” & “Blackmagic” but leave the brackets.
  5. In that same directory, delete the “appPersistency.json” file
    1. This should be recreated when the application is restarted.

There's a second settings file (localSettings.json) where Blackmagic is also blacklisted. If you make the same edit there, Kaltura should recognize the audio.

Please note this is not a guaranteed fix for incompatibility issues with Blackmagic devices and Kaltura Personal Capture, but it has worked in a number of instances. 

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