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KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Editing When Review Comments Are Optional

This document describes the editing process in group spaces where review comments are optional.

How to tell if comments are optional in your group space

There are two ways to tell if comments are required when viewing documents in the KB Admin Tools.

  • First, the Edit button will always appear the row of document action buttons, regardless of the document status.

    The row of action buttons below the document ID heading has the Edit button first, followed by Mark as reviewed, Save as..., See revisions, and View source

    Clicking this button on an active document will create a new In Progress (draft) version of the document, with the current Active version remaining published.

  • Additionally, the Review Options / Comment section will show (optional) instead of (required).

    The label for the fieldset will read Review Options / Comment (optional)

How to submit optional comments

While comments may not be required in your group space, it is still a good practice to leave comments when you are making changes to a document. To do so:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the document view screen to find the Review Options / Comment form.

    • If you simply need to enter a comment without editing, select the first option to Leave document ##### as is and add comments only.

      • Note: If the document in question already has a draft version started, this will be the only option available.
    • If you are entering a comment prior to editing an Active document, the default selection of Leave document ##### up and set to 'In Progress' will have the same effect as if you had clicked the "Edit" button.

  2. Enter your comments in the text field and click Submit.

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