KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Intelligent Text Formatting

This document gives an overview of intelligent text formatting of the Body field.

To make KB document creation and activation easier for content owners, especially those who have no knowledge of HTML (you can also use our graphical WYSIWYG editor), we have implemented a feature that will render document "Body" (and "Internal notes" where applicable) text intelligently.

When it serves up a document, the KB system first checks the "Body" (along with "Internal notes" if any) for HTML tags that typically handle paragraph breaks, line breaks, lists, and divisions. If the text does not contain any of these tags, the text is then automatically wrapped within pre-formatted tags (thus honoring any spacing as is seen in the original text).

This effectively allows authors to input text in the document creation / editing form without having to bother with HTML tags at all. And this does not effect in any way authors who continue to use HTML tags to format their text.

Example of Intelligently Formatted Text

The following code:

Example list

1. A
2. B

Will display as:

Example list

1. A
2. B

Example of Non-Intelligently Formatted Text

This does not affect documents that contain HTML tags, so the following:

<p>Example list</p>
1. A
2. B
Will display as:

Example list

1. A 2. B

If any of the following HTML tags are detected, the the text will not be intelligently formatted.

  • <p>
  • </p>
  • <br>
  • <br />
  • <br/>
  • <ul>
  • </ul>
  • <ol>
  • </ol>
  • <div>
  • </div>

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