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The Link Topic function provides an easy way to link a user to a topic-filtered search, where the link text will be automatically updated to display the current topic name. This document will show you how to use this function to add a topic link to a KB document.

Example of a Linked Topic

Below are examples of two topic links for the KB User's Guide:

. Clicking these links will take you a search results page based on the topic you clicked.

TipImage of a lightbulb

The LinkTopic function is a great way to add site navigation with custom content modules on your homepage and/or secondary navigation with topic "superdocs". See the following pages for more information on these features:

Adding a Topic Link to a Document

  1. Locate the KB Link Doc Image of the KB Link Doc icon, which is a chain link inside of a square. option in either the menu bar (under the "Custom" menu) or the toolbar.

  2. A dialog window will open. In the Type dropdown, select Link to KB topic name. In the Topic ID Number field, enter the ID number of an active topic. The Open link in... dropdown allows you to choose whether the resulting link will open in the current window or a new tab or window.

    Image of the KB Custom Link Tag dialog window, with "Link to KB topic name" selected in the "Type" menu and an ID number entered in the "Topic ID number" field.

    • Note: You can find the ID number of your group's topics by scrolling down to the "Topics" section of the document edit screen. The ID numbers of your topics will be shown in parentheses after each topic name.

      Screenshot showing topic IDs numbers in parantheses after the topic name in the Topics section of the doc edit screen

  3. Select Insert when you are ready to add the topic link. The editor will display the link with the text, "link topic ####," but you can see the topic name as it will appear in the published document by opening the Preview window.

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