KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Customize Document Queue Sorting

You may easily customize the search refining filters and display columns in each of the document queues. Simply select your desired filter settings and check/uncheck the Column name checkboxes and Save Filters . The customization(s) you choose will be applied to all Document queues.

Document Queues

In the KB Admin Tools, navigate to the Documents tab. On the left hand navigation bar, you will see five queues: Active, In Review, In Progress, Inactive and Trash. In each queue, you will find filters with which you may refine your document search. A table with many columns will appear displaying the results of the search based on the filter settings. You may save the filters and hide/show the columns of your choice. The end result will be a table of documents refined by your filter selections and further refined by displaying the data in the columns of your choice.


Customize the Search Filter Settings

Your document search filter selections refine your document search. The image below shows the filters available circled in red. Each filter in the image below is in their defaulted selection. You may customize the defaulted filter results by setting each filter to your desired setting.


Here is a description of the filters pictured above

Customize Column Name Display Settings

After you have made your filter selection(s), turn your attention to the Column Name Display Setting check boxes.

The image below shows the Active Documents screen reached when you click on the Active link in the left navigation bar. Below the Document search filters, you will see a series of check boxes next to a their corresponding column name. The image below has a red circle around that series of Column Name Display check boxes.


The following are the columns you may choose to display or hide by checking/ unchecking their checkbox.

  • Title- Display Document Title (triangle before the Title indicates Document QuickView)
  • ID- Indicates the unique Document ID
  • ATT- Column displays Y or N depending on whether attachment(s) pertain to this document
  • Edit- Displays Edit button
  • Status- Displays Status
  • Created- Created date is displayed in YYY-MM-DD format
  • Updated- Updated date is displayed in YYY-MM-DD format
  • Reviewed- Reviewed date is displayed in YYY-MM-DD format
  • Activation- Activation date is displayed in YYY-MM-DD format
  • Expiration- Expiration date is displayed in YYY-MM-DD format
  • Group- Displays document Owner group
  • Owner- Displays NetID of document owner
  • Topics- Lists the topic/ topics to which this document is assigned
  • LastUpdater- Displays the netID plus domain name of the last person who updated this document. please see KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - LastUpdater filter for more information.
  • Save Filters link- To save your filter selection as default, click on this link. This link will then say "Filters Saved" in green.

Save Your Customized Filters and/or Column Settings

Once you have selected the columns you wish to display, click on the Save filters link. If you hover over the Save filters link, the tag will indicate you are saving your selection as your default display. Your customizations will be applied to all Document queues.


The Save Filters link will turn into a green link "Filters saved". The tag will say "Saved filters as default".


Change Your Customized Default Display

You may change your customized filters and/or column settings quickly and easily. All you have to do is go to the Document queue of your choice and look for the Delete saved filters link.


After you click on that link, the link will say:

From here you may either select the filter and column settings of your choice. You will see the Delete saved filters link change back to the Save filters link.

Return Settings to KB Defaults

If you would like to return your filters and columns to the KB default. Click on the Delete saved filters link and refresh your browser while in the KB Admin Tools.

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