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KB User's Guide - Topics Tab - Create Topic Footers

This document describes how to set up topic-dependent footers on the Topics tab.


In addition to the footer functionality available in the KB's document editor (see KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Define and Apply Document Headers and Footers for details) it is possible to set up topic-dependent footers that only appear on documents assigned to a particular topic. Unlike footers created in the document editor, topic-dependent footers appear at the very bottom of the document, underneath the Feedback section. Users with publish rights can use the instructions below to define and style these footers.

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Currently topic-dependent footers are only available for Level 5 Topics. If your KB site's topic structure does not extend to level 5, you will not be able to use this feature.


  1. Begin by logging into the KB Admin Tools.

  2. Click on the Topics tab.

  3. Click on the 'Level 5 Topics' link.

  4. To add a description to an existing footer, fill out the field labeled Topic Description/ footer (up to 3000 chars appearing in docs associated with this topic) and click on the Update  button. 

    Level 5 topic with the Topic/description footer field filled in and the update button circled in red.
  5. If you do not have an existing level 5 footer, you can fill out both the Level 5 Topic Name and Level 5 Topic Description / footer fields and click on the Add a new level 5 topic button.

    New level 5 topic with the description/footer field and the add button circled in red
  6. Footers you have specified for the Level 5 Topic will appear. If a document is assigned more than one level 5 topic, all footers will appear in the order established in the Order column on the Level 5 Topics screen.


It is possible to apply custom styling to by overriding the below class in your site's custom CSS:


Keywordsdependent based on topic hide show connected bottom foot footer disclaimer tied to topic topic-dependent define style defining styling level 5 level five topic description topic-footer .topic-footerDoc ID24424
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