KB User's Guide - UW Theme for KB: Features

This document will review the features and improvements in the new look and feel for KB Live Sites.

When the KB made its debut in the year 2000, it started with what is now known as the Classic Theme.


UW Theme for KB: Adherence to Accessibility Recommendations

In 2018, the UW WiscWeb Team, launched its UW Theme for all UW Departmental WordPress Sites. The KB Team soon updated its look and feel to follow suit.


New Font and Improved Headers Easier to Parse

  1. Verlag font for text-based logo (only image required is UW Crest)
  2. Modern UW color scheme
  3. KB Site Name can have upper lower case letters and extended to 80 characters
  4. Improved code class styling (<code></code>)


  5.  KB document site title and document title now display in Header 1 
  6.  Side module headings and links appear in H3

Site Elements to Display as Uppercase

  1. Top right links and Top left links
  2. "XML   JSON   OL" buttons that display in the three default content modules.


An Improved Responsive Design

  1. Images and tables now adjust visually from desktop to tablet and mobile widths
  2. Default styling for all tables including those appearing in that topic description area and cascading tiles
  3. Improved functionality from keyboard for those using Assistive Technologies

Concerns about White Space in the UW Theme

More white space was added to the UW Theme for KB to create a more elegant and clear presentation of content while improving user experience.

Article displays without Left side Modules
Navigation: Site Pref > Side Module link > de-select Side Left/ Fullview checkbox


Article displays left side modules
Navigation: Site Pref
> Side Module link > select Side Left/ Fullview checkbox