KnowledgeBase Search Tips

This document gives an overview of how to effectively use the Search function of your KnowledgeBase.

Search Field text Box

To find a KnowledgeBase document, enter one or more keywords into the Search text box found at the top of the KB Site.

Separate each word with a space. Click on the Search button or press Enter on your keyboard.

If searching using a single word yields too many unrelated topics, try adding another word or two. You may also use the Topic drop-down menu to limit your search to one specific topic.

If you are looking for an exact match, try using a phrase and enclose the phrase in quotation marks.

If you want to exclude documents that contain a certain keyword, you can focus your search by putting a minus sign ("-") in front of that word. For example, classlist -learn will find classlist documents that are not related to Learn@UW.

Using the Advanced Search Options

If the standard search doesn't help, try our Advanced Search options, which allows you to further tailor query parameters to your specific needs.

Relevant Topic Filters, Search Partner Public Sites and Search Other Internal Sites

After you enter selected keywords into the Search field text box, a list of relevant documents will appear in a table.

Around this table, you will see three other links that may yield documents relevant to your search:

  1. Show relevant topics filters link - Limits results of search by relevant Topics and is found above the document table. Next to each linked relevant topic is a check box to further narrow your search. The number in parenthesis indicates the number of documents in that topic that are relevant to your search.
  2. relevanttopics
  3. Search partner public sites link - Shows potentially relevant documents from partner public sites and is found underneath and to the left of the table.
  4. In the example below, the first five documents which are potentially relevant to your search are presented in a bulleted list. The link below the bulleted list leads to all documents relevant to your search in partner public sites.


  5. Search other internal sites link -This is the cross-site search function and is found below and to the left of the table. Clicking on this link yields the names of the KnowledgeBase subsites, and, the number of documents available for you to browse which are relevant to your search. The last link in bold will always be Search the unified KB.
  6. cross-sitesearchresults

If you've exhausted our tips and you still can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to contact us

Please see this document to review each of the KB features on the Search Results table.