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KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Using the IncludeDoc Feature to Restrict Content

This document will show you how to create a document that is restricted to a subset of your internal users. We will then show you how to embed the document with restricted content into a "container" document which is intended for general consumption.

    Restricting Specific Content in a Document Intended for General Consumption

    In some cases, you may want to publish a general document, but would like portions of the content viewable only by a subset of your users. While this is not possible within a single document, you can accomplish this by creating a completely separate document with the restricted content and feeding that into the document for general consumption (e.g. the container document in which you will embed your restricted content via the IncludeDoc feature).

    1. If you have not done so yet, create a User Access Group where the members are the users who should be able to view the restricted content. See KB User's Guide - Users Tab - User Access Groups and Limited Access Groups for a refresher on creating and managing User Access Groups.

    2. Create a document with all the restricted content you wish to share with a select number of people, i.e. the members of the User Access Group you created. We recommend these document settings:

      • Search Priority - Exclude from search

        The image below shows the Search Priority selection of "Exclude from search, circled in red.

      • Click on + Show Other Write Access - Check the box next to the appropriate UserAccess group(s).
      • SiteAccess - Check the box next to the appropriate SiteAccess; Internal and/ or External.

        The image below shows the UserAccess group "KB Team" selected for both the Write and Read Access and are circled in red. In our example here, the SiteAccess is set to the Internal KB Site only as indicated by the red arrow. Therefore, the restricted content will only be seen when viewing the container document on the Live Internal Site.

        Do you require the restricted content to be viewable (only by the selected UserAccess group) on the Live External Site? If so:

      • Uncheck the ReadAccess User Access Group
      • Check the external site box in the SiteAccess field

      • Status - Set to Active
      • Click the Update button to save your changes.

      After activating the document with the restricted content, keep the document ID number handy as you will be needing it shortly.

    3. Next, begin creating the container document for general consumption based on your KB group's workflow.

    4. On the document edit screen of the container document, determine where you feel the restricted content would fit best. Type the document ID number of the restricted document in the body of the container document, highlight that number and click on the IncludeDoc button.

      WYSIWYG Design Editor: includeDoc_WYSIWIG

      HTML Editor: includedoc_HTML


    • The restricted content embedded in the container document will only be viewable by members of the selected User Access Group.
    • All other users will see the container document as it was originally intended to appear; the restricted section will simply not be visible for general viewing.
    • There will be no "gap" or blank space in the Live container document where you have embedded the restricted data via the IncludeDoc feature.
    • When the container document is viewed in either Live Site, the container document AND the embedded document will be counted in your document Stats.

      The image below shows a container document, "Flag Up! Ice Fishing in Wisconsin" that is being viewed from the Live Internal KB Site. The restricted content embedded via the IncludeDoc feature is entitled, "Instructions for KB User's Guide Staff: Requesting Updates to DNR PDFs". Those with appropriate ReadAccess to the restricted data will see the restricted content on the Internal Live Site. Those with the appropriate WriteAccess to the restricted content will see an Edit this section button  (circled below in red) which will lead to the KB Admin Tools.

    Can Someone View My Restricted Content Via View Source/ Inspect Element?

    IncludeDoc content that has been restricted by UserGroup Access is not viewable by those outside of the UserAccess group, even if looking at document view source or inspect element. Nor will IncludeDoc tags be visible.

    In the image below, there is zero indication of an embedded document with restricted content that has been placed ABOVE the "Make it a great fishing season by" section of the document.


    IncludeDoc Chain

    The "Includedoc Chain" can go up to five layers deep (so there is no infinite looping). When the depth limit is reached, the last layer of 'IncludeDoc'(s) is converted into 'LinkDoc'(s). Access permissions, 'LinkDoc' tags, 'Htmlentity' tags, etc. are all honored along the "IncludeDoc chain". Infinite loops are prevented without enforcing any depth limit.

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