KB User's Guide - General Info - Embed a Google Calendar into a Document

This document will show you how to locate the Google Calendar embed code and how to place it into a KB Document.

    Navigation to get Embed Code

    1. Sign into Google Calendar
    2. Click on the "gear" icon on the upper right of the screen. If you hover over this icon, the word, Settings, will appear. The image below shows our test calendar with the gear icon circled in red. The mouse, when over the gear icon reveals the Settings label.
    3. clickonsettingsicon.png

    4. Click on the gear icon and select "Settings" from the dropdown menu.
    5. selectsettingsfromdropdown.png

    6. This will lead to the Calendar Settings screen which, by default, displays all the options under the General link. Click on the Calendars link. In the image below, the Calendars link is circled in red.
    7. clickonthecalendarslink.png

    8. Scroll down to the My Calendars part of the screen. There you will find the name of your calendar which appear as a link, click on the appropriate calendar link. In the image below, the CALENDAR part of the screen is circled in red. A red arrow points to our test calendar link, "UWMadison WEST Team".
    9. clickonyoucalendar.png

    10. This will lead to the Calendar Details tab of your calendar. Toward the bottom right of screen is the Embed This Calendar section. In the text box in that section, you will see an iFrame snippet. Copy that code. In the image below, the iFrame code for our test calendar is circled in red.
    11. copyyourcalendarscode.png

    Embed Google Calendar Code into a KB Document

    1. Create a new KB document and open the HTML editor.
    2. Fill in the required fields; Title, Keywords and Summary.
    3. Paste the iFrame code into the Body of the HTML editor of the document. In the image below, the only thing displayed in Example Document for Embed Google Calendar: Move To Production Schedule is our test calendar Google iFrame snippet.
    4. iframecodeinbody.png

    5. To center the Google Calendar in your content module, highlight all the iFrame code and either:

    • click on the center icon center_design_editor.png if you are in the Design Mode Editor
    • or

    • the Center button center_HTML_mode.png if you are in the HTML editor.

  • Select the "Exclude from search" Search Priority and the appropriate Topic(s), SiteAccess and Status.
  • Click on the Submit button to save your changes.
  • Google Calendar as a Content Module

    1. Please refer to this Custom Content Module document.
    2. Here is an example of a Google Calendar as a Custom Content Module.

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