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KB User's Guide - General Info - Checking KB Documents for Accessibility

This document provides information and resources for verifying that the content of your KB documents is accessible for your end users.

TinyMCE Built-In Accessibility Checker

TinyMCE, the newest KB editor, has a built-in accessibility checker that will inform you if there are any issues with your content. It can be found in the tools tab of the editor navigation bar, with an additional shortcut button in the editor toolbar.

When selected this will activate a pop-up with any issues, or an all-clear if there are none. This feature is also automatically triggered when the activate document button is selected.

See KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - TinyMCE Accessibility Checker for more information.

General Webpage Scanning

WAVE is a free web-based tool that can be used to scan an entire page and identify possible accessibility issues. Additionally, it provides useful information for understanding how your document structure (e.g. elements like headings) relates to accessibility.

Supplemental Accessibility Tools

WebAIM's Color Contrast Checker is helpful for verifying that text and background colors have sufficient contrast for users with visual impairments.

These A11Y "Nutrition Cards" for Accessible Components provide a handy reference if you are creating more advanced content that includes interactive elements such as accordions or buttons.

If you want to further check your pages for accessibility, you can use the WebAIM Quick reference or the more fully-featured WCAG 2 checklist and make sure that all the elements on the page meet all of the guidelines outlined in the list.

If making use of custom CSS or forms take a look at Accessible CSS and Accessible Forms.

For more UW specific policy, you can view the official DoIT Make it accessible guides.

If you are aware of other free and useful resources for accessibility checking that you would like to see added to this list, please send your suggestions to!

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