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TinyMCE Editor Transition - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last updated on 2023-10-18
The KB Admin Tools is transitioning away from the Classic editor to the TinyMCE editor. This document outlines common questions about the transition and timeline.
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ID: 121909

KB User's Guide - Home Tab - Upload Profile Photo

Last updated on 2023-07-13
Help your colleagues match a name to a face by uploading a profile photo. This document will show you how to upload a photo that you have in your files or that is accessible by a url.
  • Group: KB User's Guide
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ID: 6277

KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Why are some links on the left grayed out?

Last updated on 2023-03-30
Access to some features is limited by Publish rights setting on the Users tab.
  • Group: KB User's Guide
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KB User's Guide - Users Tab - User Lacks Permissions or Cannot Log Into KB Admin Tools

Last updated on 2022-03-08
This document describes what to do if a user reports that they are not getting the correct level of access when they are logged into the KB Admin Tools, or if they report that they are being redirected to the external KB after logging in.
  • Group: KB Process
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ID: 106850

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