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Overview of all COMIR Classroom Facilities

COM maintains a set of classrooms for teaching and learning. These are also used for student group meetings and can be available for departmental and other meetings as well. Some spaces are given priority for classes. The physical room must be reserved in Astra. Here is information about reserving a room:

Technology available in these spaces include some combination of:

  • A projector for in-room presentations
  • Echo360 direct recording capability
  • Web Conferencing available through a PC installed inside the room
  • Web Conferencing available from your laptop using cables connected to room mics and cameras
  • Cameras and mics to show the "instructor" area (like a podium)
  • Cameras and mics to show the larger room (like the committee members or the students)

A few rooms may have large monitors instead of projectors, and some have multiple displays around the room allowing for two or more different content to be displayed simultaneously. Here are links to all instructions for each room:

Here is a map to help identify the building locations referred to in the first column below:

List of COM rooms with different Classroom Technology

The chart that used to be on this page is now available at the above link.

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