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Dickson (formerly Oceasoft) is the current temperature freezer monitoring company the College of Medicine is working with along with our COM departments.


For those of you that oversee research activities, the COM Dean's Office is in the process of installing Oceasoft Gateways to help with remote monitoring of -80 freezers and incubators as part of the MSB capital project. The gateways will be strategically deployed to provide optimal/equitable coverage in the COMRB, MSB, and MBRB.  Departmental research programs will be able to leverage the infrastructure by purchasing the Oceasoft equipment modules at a reasonable price and then monitor the equipment via a cloud based platform/app.  If the initial program proves productive, we will exam a broader deployment of the infrastructure to other facilities.

1. In order to leverage these new gateway receivers, older technology would need to be upgraded.
2. Electrical power and a data jack (under COM VLAN) is required.
3. COM will be the admin for the Oceasoft cloud portal and will create the depts and accounts for users.
4. Any equipment outside the gateway is the responsibility of the depts.
5. Firmware, software, cloud, hardware, software is the responsibility of Dickson to solve.
6. COM is only responsible for gateway hardware, network connection and item 3.

General layout: sensors are put inside freezers which connect to data loggers that are usually located on the freezer and data logger sends freezer data via wireless to gateways which are usually mounted on a wall (or sitting on a shelf) and connected to power and a data jack. Gateways send data to the cloud and accessible via Dickson portal.


Dickson/Oceasoft contact info: Adrien Sedillot <>
COM contact info: (click COMIR link then select Helpdesk/Desktop)

Equipment details:

MSB E511
COMRB 8040
COMRB 4060
COMRB 5140
COMRB 2040
MBRB 3205
MBRB 3115
MBRB 2205
MBRB  2115

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