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Connecting Echo360 recordings to a Blackboard site.

To take the following steps, the same person must have Instructor privileges in the Blackboard site *and* the Echo360 course section they are trying to link.

  1. Log in to uic.blackboard.com

  2. Find the Course you have edit privileges for and wish to add the Echo360 recordings to.

  3. Identify the place in your Blackboard course you want to add the recordings to.

    1. Either Build Content in an existing Content Area (different Echo360 sections can be added to the Bb site)
      Connecting Echo section recordings to Blackboard: Build Content

    2. Or Add a Tool Link in the left bar (only one Echo360 tool link per Blackboard course)
      Connecting Echo section recordings to Blackboard: Add Tool Link

  4. Complete the corresponding Blackboard form to name the link you are adding to the Blackboard site.

  5. The link now exists in the Blackboard course, but is not connected to any Echo360 section yet.

  6. Choose the link to get the prompt to connect particular Echo360 content to the Blackboard course.

  7. Choose the Echo360 Term (AY XX-XX, Continuous, etc.) and the Course that has a Section in that term.

    Connecting Echo section recordings to Blackboard: Choose Term and Course first

  8. Select an existing Section from the dropdown menu.

    If the course section does not already exist, adjust the Term and Course to correct values.

    If that does not work, the Section may not exist yet. In COM, request your Recordings from the Instructional Media team using the XLS template and webform at this page. When that is complete, return to these instructions to complete the connection between your Echo recordings and your Blackboard course.

    Connecting Echo section recordings to Blackboard: Choose Existing Section

  9. In general, people connect to a Section Home, not specific lessons.

  10. When the Connect button is enabled, the form has valid choices selected. Click Connect.

    Connecting Echo section recordings to Blackboard: If choices are valid and complete, the Connect button will become enabled

  11. Click the link in the Blackboard course - this should now go directly to the list of either Echo Recordings or Scheduled Recordings for your Echo360 course section.

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