Classrooms - Services and Reporting a Problem

How to find COMIR-AV services, like asking for a tech orientation in a room or Echo 360 recordings, and how to report a problem with classroom equipment.

How do I ask for help or report a problem?

COMIR services are listed with other campus services at:

Desktop/Helpdesk support, Security, and other COMIR services are all available there.

Here's how to find different Instructional Media/Classroom Technology/AV services:

  1. Go to

    TDX COM page

  2. Look and see if the services you want are listed there.

  3. If you need something different,

    click COMIR

  4. Find the group of services in COMIR

    that you need and click it
  5. For instance, here are the three services you can click under "Instructional Media" which is the Classroom Technology/AV group.

    Click any of the large items on that page to get to more information

    including links to forms to reach the COMIR-AV group about that issue.


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