Classrooms - Zoom - Participating in-person and collaborating virtually

For class, meetings, and conferences where there is collective in-person participation and also Breakout Rooms that include in-person AND remote participants.

Generally it is preferred to participate only in-person when there is a collective in-person event. Even if it is an event with virtual presenters or several locations including some members who are remote, any group of people sitting in a room face to face should interact directly with each other and collectively with the remote participants via the in-room display, mics, and cameras.

However, the larger session may have break-out groups that could combine in-person and remote participants. In this case, please follow this protocol to minimize audio difficulties both in the room and for people outside of the room you are in.

During the Large Session

  1. Join the Zoom meeting, either at the start of the session or at the time the event or class coordinator indicates.
  2. Do not join the audio connection for the meeting.

    See this link for details on joining Zoom WITHOUT audio.

  3. Connect your headphones to your device and select those headphones for use.
  4. Mute (totally turn down) your device's speaker.

    You will not hear any audio coming from your laptop

For the Breakout Room (For a TBL, this may include the TRAT and the Application Exercises)

When the Breakout Room time is announced, wait until you are IN a breakout room to connect your audio. Follow event instructions and watch Zoom closely to observe this.

  1. You may be asked to select your own Breakout Room. Or, you may be automatically moved to predetermined Breakout Rooms.

  2. Once you are already in a Breakout Room, that is the time to connect your Zoom audio using the button in the bottom left corner of your meeting controls. If the audio is appropriately disconnected, the icon will look like this until you press it to join:
  3. Immediately confirm the selected Speaker and Microphone correspond to your headphones

    not the default laptop built-in speaker and microphone.

  4. In order to converse with the remote participants,

    UNMUTE when you have something to say, but MUTE again when you are done.

    You may also use the chat.

  5. The remote participant will reply via the meeting chat.

    You should be able to comfortably participate in the virtual space, which may include people both in the room with you and people outside the room joining only remotely.

Re-joining the Large Session

  1. Observe when the Breakout Rooms will be ending. You may get a virtual notification, or you may be informed in the physical room directly.

  2. Disconnect from the meeting audio again before the Breakout Room ends. Your "mic" button will once again look like this:

  3. If you were to remain connected and accidentally unmuted, the remote participants would be forced to hear the audio almost simultaneously from more than one participant - both the main meeting room, and your individual mic. That will lead to a sort of "echo" effect and will garble the transcription.