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1Classrooms - Zoom - Pre-assign Breakout Groups [Campus login required]1354812024-02-142
2Classrooms - AV - Zoom Rooms1170262024-02-01982
3Classrooms - AV - Video Conference Room Calendars1170542024-02-01988
4Equipment - Classrooms - 429/527 - In-Room Presentation1090782024-01-041090
5Classrooms - AV - Video Conferencing Rooms that do not require laptops or PCs1170882024-01-04940
6AV - Echo360 - Viewing Recordings1179292023-08-21667
7Zoom - Join Zoom while attending an in-person class - Audio Settings1137062023-08-161012
8Equipment - Classrooms - Facilities List1090792023-08-151949
9COM Research Information: -80 Freezers and Incubator Monitoring (Dickson/Oceasoft)1105292023-07-191471
10Classrooms - AV - CMWT Small Classrooms video conferencing and display settings1221882022-11-15679
11Video Conferencing platforms at UIC and COM1224262022-11-10521
12Equipment - Classrooms - 227 - Using the Podium System1108122022-03-011220
13Google - create your UIC G Suite account1028742021-09-152830
14Remote Work FAQ987962021-03-111272
15Pathology Research Programs1077932020-12-143681
16Web Conferences Large Meetings Best Practices1002342020-04-081707
17College of Medicine Rockford Guide to Remote Working988852020-03-181585

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