Digital Signage, Using Box for Stored Files and Images

Because Content Manager cannot share Windows file-share files on non-Windows devices, you may wish to host images and files such as PDFs in Box and then link to in Content Manager.

In order to use Box to host files and images for unit Digital Signage, there are three things to be configured:

The following steps will be performed when logged into

From a file in Box, select the Create and Copy Shared Link button


In the Shared Link properties window that opens:

  1. Click the toggle button to on for Shared link is enabled
  2. From the drop-down below the link, select People with the link
  3. While there is a link in this window, it is not the publicly accessible Direct Link. In order to find the Direct Link, click on Link Settings.


In the Shared Link Settings window, click the Copy button and click Save


This is the link that you will now paste in the URL box of a content item in Content Manager.