Illinois App, Illini ID

Where do I find my Illini ID?

Illini ID can be used in many places where ICard is accepted and presents a QR code for touchless scanning.
Illini ID features much of the same information as your ICard, including your name, ICard photo, and affiliation (Student, Faculty/Staff, etc).

You must connect the Illinois App with your NetID to use Illini ID.
To connect your NetID, click on the gear in the top-right of the Home screen to open the Settings menu, then find the NetID section.

Access your Illini ID:

  1. Open the Illinois app and in the bottom bar, click on the Wallet.
  2. In the Wallet, scroll through the cards to find Illini ID.
  3. Tap on Use ID to show your Illini ID.

ISSUE: Illini ID only shows UIN and not a photo, name, etc.

Illini ID requires an active, non-expired i-card. The app cannot retrieve your details if your i-card is expired.  Please contact the Urbana ID Center to renew your i-card.