Directory - adding Auxiliary users

How (and why) to add someone to the Auxiliary Users directory group

First, if the directory is so good at adding people to join and leave a department automatically, why do we need to be able to manually add someone to a department's directory? 

The directory *IS* good at automatically adding people whose appointment fits the criteria that the directory expects.  For instance, if a graduate student is paid on a grant that associated with ChBE or Chemistry, then their appointment will be with ChBE or Chemistry. 

HOWEVER, there are cases that don't fit this neatly. 

  1. A grad student is paid on a grant from a different department, so their appointment is now through that other department 
  2. A grad student may not have a summer appointment, but orders things in preparation for the Fall and we need to remember where to deliver their things. 
  3. Someone in a different department uses the SCS Receiving office to receive packages, and we need to keep track of their information (but do not want them to appear in the directory!) 

OK.. so how do I add someone to the Auxiliary Users group for a department?