CS VM Farm


This article provides general information about the instructional CS VM Farm. The CS VM Farm is an Engineering IT-managed resource for students in Computer Science courses. The VM Farm provides customizable virtual machines that provide more flexibility than Engineering IT's managed instructional environments.

There are 2 VM categories:

  • Semesterly student VMs - created at scale from a VM template based on course staff input

  • Semesterly course VMs - created for course staff to build and test course assignments

  • Note: The VM farm is only architected for running scalable student-assigned VMs. Engineering IT is working with CS on hosting course infrastructure on a separate resource that supports high uptime, high availability, load balancing, backups, etc.

    VM Farm policies

    General Specifications

    Example of a common setup

    CPUs1 vCPU
    RAM1 GB
    Storage~40 GB
    # of VMs1 per student or group - i.e. sp21-cs100-01.cs.illinois.edu
    Administrative VM for course staff1 per course - i.e. sp21-cs100-adm.cs.illinois.edu

    Request VMs

    Click here to submit a VM request form for your course.