Safer Illinois for iOS and Android

The official COVID-19 app for the University of Illinois.


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Safer Illinois is compatible with iOS 11 or later and Android 6 or later.
Please check your app store for updates regularly as we're be releasing regularly.

Check University System Status for any in-progress service events or problems.

I've just installed the app and it says my building access is Denied. Why is that?

  1. Most users will start in status Orange and Building Access Denied until their on-campus test results are delivered. Tests are sent to the app in about 30 minutes after the email from McKinley stating your results are ready.
  2. Once a negative test is received from on-campus testing, and the results were in the last 4 days, the status changes to Yellow: Recent negative test and Building Access changes to Allowed
  3. You must have a negative test in the last 4 days to maintain Building Access Allowed status.

If you have already tested prior to installing the app, your test results may take up to 30 minutes after completing onboarding to be delivered.

Troubleshoot: My on-campus test results have not been delivered to my phone

From the COVID-19 Building Access Process resource page:

All students, faculty and staff participating in on-campus activities start with their building access status set to Access Denied. In order to initially have your status changed to Access Granted, for at least the first few weeks of the semester, you must have a negative COVID-19 on-campus test result. Individuals must continue to participate in the on-campus testing program to retain Access Granted status.

More information is available about the On-Campus COVID-19 Testing program, including the locations of On-Campus COVID-19 Testing Locations.

Questions about testing and results

The University of Illinois COVID Wellness Answer Center is available to answer questions about on-campus testing and results. 

Please contact the COVID Wellness Answer Center by email at or call 217-333-1900.

Questions about Safer Illinois for Android and iOS

For feedback and issues with the Safer Illinois app, contact Technology Services Help Desk.



Check University System Status for any in-progress service events or problems.

My on-campus test results have not been delivered to my phone 

See Safer Illinois: Viewing your Test Results for information and troubleshooting steps.

My status is Not Available and my building access is Denied

An internet connection is required for Safer Illinois. Check your internet connection and open your status card again to refresh your status.

Your status is calculated on your phone and is not stored on our servers. On opening, Safer Illinois must download the latest rule set to your phone so it can calculate your status.

Uploaded test results do not change from pending

Please update your version of Safer Illinois from the app stores or the Safer Illinois webpage

The feature to upload test results from other providers has been removed and will not be supported. To participate in on-campus activities, you must participate in the on-campus testing program. See COVID-19 On-Campus Testing for more details.

Results from on-campus testing are delivered automatically to your phone if you're logged in with your NetID and allowed test result delivery during on-boarding or in the Settings screen.

iPhone: Connect your NetID fails with a blank page after logging in with NetID 

The Content Restriction feature of iOS can interfere with the DUO 2FA prompt on iOS. Do the following to log in successfully.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions > Web Content.
  2. Uncheck Limit Adult Websites to completely disable content restrictions
    1. If you do not want to fully disable content restrictions, you can allow (not within the Content Restrictions page on the iOS device. This will allow the Duo Prompt to display even if content restrictions are enabled.

iPhone: Display problems when Larger Text is on

Text and buttons cannot be used when Larger Text is turned on. Larger text can be disabled temporarily to use Safer Illinois.

Safer Illinois is not available in my country's app store

See Safer Illinois, Safer Illinois is not available in my country's app store.

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