UIUC AnyWare, Uploading and Downloading Files

Instructions for uploading and downloading files in UIUC AnyWare

For more information about the service itself, please visit UIUC AnyWare Overview

Once you are connected to your virtual desktop or application you can use data from your local computer including any drives, network or cloud storage that are mapped to your local computer.  Citrix Workspace creates a connection back to your local computer. This will allow you to open and save your files from and to your local computer. You do not need to copy them to the server or email them to yourself.

NOTE: Files you save on UIUC AnyWare systems will be lost at the end of your session. Make sure to download the files you wish to keep.

First, connect to UIUC AnyWare with the following instructions: Connecting to UIUC AnyWare.

Then, depending on your method of connection, follow the appropriate steps below:

Citrix Workspace (Recommended)

  1. Navigate to This PC

  2. In order to both download and upload files, allow Read/write access when the below warning shows up. You may optionally check the box at the bottom to keep this setting for future sessions.


  3. You will see your drives appear as below, where Computer Name will show your local computer name.


  4. Double-click on the relevant drive and interact with it how you would locally.


  1. Place your mouse over the drop-down menu at the top and center of your screen and click on the Citrix icon



  2. In the resulting menu click on either the Download icon or the Upload icon to do what you need.


  3. In the resulting prompt, navigate to the file(s) you wish to upload or download

    • If you choose download, then your browser will download the file according to your browser's settings
    • If you choose upload, you will receive another prompt asking where you want the file(s) to go on the remote computer