Student Technology Program, Overview and Student Resources

Information for students who received a laptop supplied via the Student Technology Program, facilitated by the Financial Aid Office.

Note: This program has been discontinued and no longer accepting new requests, but will continue to support current recipients

Terms of Use:

This is a University of Illinois device. Anyone using University of Illinois resources is responsible for using them in an appropriate, ethical, and lawful manner, and in accordance with all University policies. By using this device, you agree to abide by the terms in the University's Acceptable Use Policy:

The university has installed Crowdstrike endpoint protection software (antivirus) on this machine. It is there to help ensure the security of the system and that you have the best experience possible. Questions can be sent to

Initial Setup: Change your laptop password 

 If you received your laptop on/after September 4, 2020

  • Power on laptop  
  • Select: STPUse password: Service Tag / Serial #
    • For Dell (Service Tag) = on side of box / bottom of laptopwill be 7 digits
    • For Lenovo (Serial #) = on side of box / bottom of laptop, will be 8 digits 
  • Create a new password when prompted



The laptop loaned to you is under warranty. For hardware issues, please contact Let them know this laptop is part of the Student Technology Program. Arrangements will be made to replace the defective laptop.  Please note, we will not be able to recover any files or personal data. For this reason, please store all files and data on your cloud storage (Box, Google Drive, One Drive).

Remote Technologies/Student Resources:

For general computing support, you may contact the Technology Services Help Desk at 217/244-7000 or