Zoom, Audio Issues

This article provides information and resources for help with audio issues in Zoom.

Before running through the troubleshooting steps below, please check your microphone and speakers to be sure they are working with programs other than Zoom.

Did you know that Zoom has built-in capabilities to test your audio? 

You have the ability to test your audio settings before your meeting. This includes testing your microphone and speakers. See the Zoom article "Testing computer or device audio" for directions detailing how to perform these tests. For additional help on specific operating systems and devices, see the following articles:

Not sure which audio device you should use with Zoom?

Zoom has a list of supported USB devices for their desktop clients. Please visit Zoom's support article for more information.

Are you hearing an echo in your meetings?

There could be a few reasons for echo or feedback in your meetings. Generally, this is an easy fix. Please visit Zoom's support article covering "Audio Echo In A Meeting" to learn more.

Are your Zoom meetings too noisy?

Zoom provides the ability to hold a meeting from just about anywhere, which is terrific. Unfortunately, some environments can be noisy and distract from the meeting. Zoom desktop clients with versions of at least 5.2.0 can help reduce background noises. See Zoom's "Background noise suppression" article to learn more about enabling this feature and adjusting it to the proper level. 

I still need help!

If you are still experiencing audio issues after trying the solutions above, please submit a ticket to the Technology Service Help Desk by calling 217.244.7000 or by emailing consult@illinois.edu.