Using UIUC AnyWare

This article offers a summary of how to connect and use the UIUC AnyWare General Purpose Desktops (On-Campus or Azure)

How do I connect to UIUC AnyWare? 

How do I access UIUC AnyWare Applications?
How do I mark a UIUC AnyWare Application as a Favorite?

How do I access UIUC AnyWare Desktops?
Which General Purpose Desktop should I connect to? 
How do I manage files in UIUC AnyWare?

What is the Citrix Session Menu?
How long will my login session last? 
How do I sign out of my session? 

How do I get support?

Connect to UIUC AnyWare

Connect to UIUC AnyWare using these instructions: Connecting to UIUC AnyWare

UIUC AnyWare Applications

After connecting to UIUC AnyWare, you will see three options in the left side menu: 
Select Apps > All Apps to see the apps available to you. 

Anyware Apps

Open Apps
To open an application, select the application you would like to use. 

App in browserUIUC AnyWare Application shown in Safari browser


Visit this article for information working with files while using UIUC AnyWare Applications.

Close Apps
To close the application click the "x" in the upper right of the application, or choose File > Close
If using UIUC AnyWare via browser, closing the browser tab will close the application

Recent Apps
Recently opened applications will appear under Home > Recents location.

recent apps

Favorite Apps
To mark an application as a Favorite, select the "star" icon on the application.
After marking an application as a Favorite, it will appear in your Favorites menu. 

favorite apps

If using Citrix Workspace to access UIUC AnyWare, a Favorite application will also appear in these locations on your local machine:
  • macOS - Launchpad, Spotlight search
  • Windows - Start Menu, Windows search

favorite app mac OSAstrometry of Asteroids - macOS Launchpad


favorite app mac os searchAstrometry of Asteroids - macOS Spotlight search


favorite app windows start menuAstrometry of Asteroids - Windows Start Menu


favorite app windows searchAstrometry of Asteroids - Windows search


If not already logged in, the Citrix Workspace app will open after launching a Favorite app from the Start Menu, Launchpad, or Search. After logging in to Citrix Workspace, the application will open. 

If Citrix Workspace is not installed on your local machine, a Favorite app will not appear as mentioned above.

Desktop Connections

After connecting via Citrix Workspace or, select Desktops > then All Desktops from the left side menu. 



All faculty and student netids should see General Purpose Machine and Graphics Enabled Desktop as connection options. 
You may see additional options if your netid is associated with a particular unit or college (ACES General or Library Scholarly for example).

Desktop Favorites
You can mark a desktop as a Favorite by selecting the star icon. 
Once marked as a Favorite, the desktop will appear under the Home > Favorites menu. 
Recently used desktops will appear in this same menu area under Home > Recents.

anyware desktop favorite 

Desktop Descriptions

The General Purpose Machine
The Graphics Enabled Desktop 

Select the desktop environment you would like to utilize and within 30 seconds, a new window should appear on your computer with the desktop session. Your netid will be logged in automatically to the desktop session.

File Management

For the General Purpose Machine and Graphics Enabled Desktop Connections, the Desktop and Documents folders are integrated with your campus OneDrive account. Please visit this article for more information

Additional information regarding upload and download of local files

Citrix Session Menu

While utilizing the General Purpose Desktop, you will find a menu at the top center of the screen when selected has three options:

citrix session menu

1. Ctrl-Alt-Del
2. Preferences
3. Disconnect

using citrix session menu

Desktop Session lengths

Your session will remain open as long as you are actively using your desktop. If your session is idle for 2 hours, you will be automatically disconnected from your session and logged out 10 minutes after disconnecting.

Sign out of session

When you are finished with your session, it is important to logout of the desktop. This can be accomplished in a few ways. 

1. click the Logoff button in the upper right of the desktop logoff desktop session button

2. Right-click the Start Menu > choose "Shut down or sign out" > choose "Sign out"

logoff desktop session from start menu

3. select the Desktop session menu from top center of desktop > choose Ctrl-Alt-Del > choose sign out

citrix session menu sign out

citrix session menu sign out details

Once the sign out process completes, the Desktop session window will close automatically. If your session is idle for 2 hours, you will be automatically disconnected from your session and logged out 10 minutes after disconnecting.

How to get support:

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