SANDI - Client & Patient Setup

The following instructions explain how to setup a new client or patient.

Video Training Link: SANDI - Client Patient Setup

SANDI Client & Patient Lookup/Addition


  1. Select Reception 
  2. Select Registration
  3. Select Walk In Registration
  4. Search to ensure that the owner does not have an existing account. An owner should only have one account; therefore we must search for an existing account before we create a new account. Often someone other than the owner may be present with the patient. The patient must go on the owners account and not the other representative. 
    • Important: Do not create nor use accounts that contain multiple names for the client such as John & Mary Smith. Do not use a VADDS account.
    • Owners last name 
    • Owners last name/patient name 
    • Phone number
      • Phone with area code: 2173335300 
      • Partial phone number: 217333 
      • Phone without area code: 3335300 
    • If the owner account exists it will be displayed and you can either select Add Patient, if it does NOT exist, or select Register
    • If the owner account does NOT exist you can select the Add Client [Please search first]


Adding a New Client and/or Patient

Note: Fields in red are required.

  1. Select the Add Client [Please search first] button and the Account Number will auto fill.
  2. Fill out the Client information. 
    • Tip: Be sure to tab through the field. 


Adding a New Patient 

Note: Fields in red are required.