SANDI - Registering a Patient

Use the following article to register a patient.

Important: Before creating a registration please make sure that you have selected the correct patient on the correct account. 

Video Training Link: SANDI - Registering Patient

SANDI Client & Patient Lookup/Addition


  1. Select Reception 
  2. Select Registration
  3. Select Walk In Registration
  4. Search and select the Owner & Patient.
    1. Follow these instructions if a new Owner and/or patient needs to be created: SANDI - Client & Patient Setup
  5. Select Register next to the proper client/patient


Registration Information Entry

Note: Fields in red are required.

  1. Select the Type of Registration
    • Tip: In any field with a drop down box you can select the down arrow, click and choose or you can begin typing the name and it will populate and appear for you to select it
  2. Complete the remaining entry fields


Check In Sheet and Consent Forms



3. Select Register when all entry is complete

4. Once everything is complete select Register and 


5. Selecting OK returns you to the Reception Screen.


Registration from the Patient Dashboard

You can also register a patient from the Patient Dashboard.

1. Select Patient Dashboard

2. Enter your search criteria to find the client/patient


3. Verify the Client Information

4. Verify the Patient Information

5. Select Register (The Register button will only appear if there is not already and open visit.)