SANDI - Client Services Training

The following articles explain the common setup an procedures followed by Client Services.

Systems Overview

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CSR Dashboard

SANDI Training Materials

SANDI is the new Health Information System that will replace Vetstar. SANDI is being developed along side Vetstar to minimize user disruption. SANDI  It houses all medical records, appointment scheduling, billing & charges, and interfaces with several medical devices such as the NOVA and Cubex.

**New features are being added very frequently.  Some new features may not be covered in the videos.**

Recording of live CSR Training:  Training: 12/5/21

SANDI - Logging into SANDI

SANDI - Patient Dashboard (Home Screen)

SANDI - Client & Patient Setup

SANDI - Registering a Patient

SANDI - Communications Log

SANDI - Medical Record Documentation (Visit Report, Image Uploads, SOAP Notes, etc.)

SANDI - Send Reports to Clients, rDVM, etc.

SANDI - Discharging a Patient

SANDI - Appointment Scheduler