SANDI - Client Services Training

The following articles explain the common setup an procedures followed by Client Services.

SANDI: Health Information System (Replacing Vetstar) - Installed on all hospital PCs. Must be trained to gain access. 

VTH Fax Access - VTH Medical Records Fax Info & Troubleshooting

Get Help

  • For assistance with computer hardware and software issues.
  • For Vetstar and SANDI access and related issues. 
  • For Medical Records
  • Knowlegebase (KB) on the web:
  • Note: there is an icon KBIcon.jpgfor the KB on all Vet Med PCs

SANDI Navigation Tips

  • Tab to move from field to field.
  • Any field that that has a character underlined can be combined with Alt as a shortcut. For example alt+C to add charge, alt+1 to Submit a charge.

Prerecorded Zoom Training & Job Aids

Log into SANDI

Patient Dashboard and Modules

**New features are being added very frequently.  Some new features may not be covered in the videos.**

SANDI - Patient Dashboard (Home Screen)
SANDI - Client and Patient Lookup and New Setup
SANDI - Registering a Patient
SANDI - Appointment Scheduler
SANDI - Temporary Account Notes
SANDI - Patient Alerts
SANDI - Communications Log
SANDI - Charge Entry (Procedures, Procedure Packages and Rx)
SANDI - Exams & Forms: Medical Record Documentation (Visit Report, Image Uploads, SOAP Notes, etc.)
SANDI - Rx History
SANDI - Visits
SANDI - Recalls, Health Tracking and Immunization History
SANDI - Send Reports to Clients, rDVM, etc.
SANDI - Discharging a Patient

Additional Menu Options

Coming soon