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Instructions on removing devices from the Multi-Tenant Munki service.


Munki Mac Endpoint Management

Intended Audience

University of Illinois IT Pros leveraging Munki Mac Endpoint Management

General Information

When a Mac is retired from Multi-Tenant Munki, the following actions should be taken to properly offboard it from the service. This keeps the service lean and running smoothly, and also cuts down on unnecessary charges to units.


Run MTM Offboarding Package

Before proceeding with the remaining offboarding steps, ensure that the Multi-Tenant Munki tools and configuration have been removed from the client, either by downloading and running the offboarding pkg, or by wiping the hard drive.

Delete MTM portal record

Deleting retired computer records from the MTM portal is especially important if the computer is still usable when sent to Surplus. If another unit retrieves the computer for use, they will be unable to onboard it to their Munki repo if a portal record exists in a different unit's repo.

To delete a portal record:

If you accidentally delete a record for the wrong Mac: that Mac will not be able to connect to the Multi-Tenant Munki service, and will need to be re-onboarded.

Delete MunkiReport record

To maintain an accurate picture of the state of your Mac fleet, delete computer records from MunkiReport when devices are retired. This should be done after devices are wiped, when no further possibility exists for the computer to report in to MunkiReport and create a new record. Deleting retired devices from MunkiReport also cuts down on unnecessary charges to units.

To delete a MunkiReport record:

If you accidentally delete a record for the wrong Mac, a new record will simply be created the next time Munki runs on that Mac, usually every hour or two.

While MunkiReport offers a very useful archive feature, archiving should not be used in lieu of deleting records for offboarding, since it will not end monthly billing for the client.

Delete Munki manifest

Deleting unused Munki manifests will help you more easily navigate your unit repo, and will also shorten MunkiAdmin load time.

To delete an unused manifest from your repo:

If you accidentally delete the manifest for the wrong Mac: you will need to create a new manifest for that Mac via the 'Force Retemplating' checkbox in the MTM Portal.

Delete Workspace ONE record

Deleting a retired device from the Workspace ONE console frees up the license, and also cuts down on unnecessary unit charges.

To delete a Workspace ONE device record:

If you accidentally delete the wrong device record: the deleted device will need to be re-enrolled into Workspace ONE.

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