Safer Illinois, Safer Illinois is not available in my country's app store

What are my options if Safer Illinois is not available in my country's App Store?

Safer Illinois is only available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in the United States. We cannot offer it in any other region. Your options are below.

Boarding Pass via your device browser

You can show your status using the Boarding Pass website pulled up on your phone's browser. This is not region-locked and offers an easy alternative to the app.

Visit in your web browser on your phone.

Changing your Apple App Store region (iOS)

You may be able to change the region of your Apple ID to access the US App Store. This process is supported by Apple. Please read the instructions very carefully as there are some irreversible changes made during the process. See Apple Support, Change your Apple ID country or region.

Changing your Google Play Store country (Android)

Instructions on how to change your Play Store country are here. Please note the warnings at the beginning of the article. A video guide to the process is available here.