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Does COVID-19 testing cover university family members?

Our university COVID-19 saliva test is now available for family and household members of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign faculty, staff and students through SHIELD CU, a partnership program with OSF HealthCare. See more information about SHIELD CU here.

SHIELD CU details for university family members

University family members are one of the first groups given the opportunity to use SHIELD CU, an exciting partnership with OSF HealthCare to bring the university-developed SHIELD ecosystem to the local community. SHIELD CU plans to expand testing soon to other community groups, including local schools.


Please note that we are still in early stages of the Safer Community App, and you may experience some difficulties with the enrollment process. Here are some ways to overcome known issues as we work to improve the process:

Passwords must use the following criteria:

An instructional/informational video has also been created to walk you through the process:

Testing, test results and the Safer Community app



If you have any questions about testing for family and households, please email

Questions about testing and results

Testing, test results and the Safer Community app


Other questions about Illinois household family member testing