AITS - Service Desk - TDX - Transfer Hub Overview and Instructions

A Ticket Transfer Hub is the means to transfer requests between units at a University or System Office that are using TeamDynamix. Units that currently reassign responsibility for tickets within their ticketing application can continue to do so without the hub. The Transfer Hub should not be used for working tickets. The receiving unit should start working on the ticket after they have retrieved it from the Transfer Hub.

How the Transfer Hubs work

When a unit receives a request that they need to transfer to a unit in a different ticketing application, a technician will place the request into the appropriate hub. Any technician can place a request into a Ticket Transfer Hub; no special permissions are required.

When placing the request into the hub, the technician will pick which hub to place it in (UIS, UIC, UIUC, or System Office) and select the unit where the request should go. A small number of technicians representing their unit will be notified that a request was moved into the Ticket Transfer Hub.  They will have permissions to move requests from the Ticket Transfer Hub into their home ticketing queue where request will be worked normally.

Ticket Transfer Hub - High Level Diagram

How to Transfer a Ticket using the Transfer Hubs

  1. From the ticket, select Actions -> Move to Application
  2. The Select Destination window appears.  Select the desired "Move to…" option within the appropriate Transfer Hub
  3. The Move to Ticket window appears.  Enter a comment explaining the reason for the transfer.  Click the green Move button at the top of the window.
  4. The ticket will then be moved into the chosen Transfer Hub.  A technician representing the unit you selected will be notified of the ticket.

Destination Application windowMoving a ticket in/out of the Transfer Hub

Retrieving a Ticket from the Transfer Hub

Only designated technicians in each unit will be notified when a ticket arrives in the hub.  The ticket must be moved out of the hub before it can be edited or status changed.  Only these designated technicians will have the ability to move tickets out of the hub.

  1. To locate the ticket, from TDNext navigate to the appropriate Transfer Hub using the Applications (or "waffle") menu:  OR, click the link within the email notification received.
  2. From the ticket, select Actions -> Move to Application
  3. The Select Destination window appears.  Find the name of your home ticketing application and select one of the form options presented. 
  4. The Move to Ticket window appears.  Enter a comment and click the green Move button at the top of the window.
  5. The ticket will then be moved into your home ticketing application, then it can be worked on as normal.   


  • When moving tickets in or out of the Transfer Hubs, the following data will be permanently lost
    • Ticket tasks and maintenance activities
    • Any relationships with parent/child tickets
    • Custom field attributes (these are preserved in the ticket feed)
    • The current service level agreement
    • Ticket alerts
    • Associated survey requests/responses
    • Integration session data
  • These items will be preserved when moving the ticket
    • Time and expense transactions
    • Feed entries
    • Contacts
    • Attachments
    • Associated Assets/CIs
    • Read-by information

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