SANDI - Communications Log

The Client Communications Log provides a tool for recording communications with clients and referring veterinarians. When communication comments are finalized, they become part of the patient electronic medical record. You should add a communication when you have a conversation regarding any updates on a hospitalized patient or discussing a concern that the client might have. Conversations regarding estimates, bills, complaints, should always be documented. These communications, along with signed consent forms, are vital in any dispute scenarios. Get into a habit of completing detailed documentation of your patient care and client communications, will serve you well as you move on in your career.

Accessing the Communication Log

  1. Bring up the proper Client/Patient in the Patient’s Dashboard and select the arrow next to Communication.


The Communication Log will appear.


2. You can use the Sort Arrows to sort any column ascending/descending.

3. Type a key word in the Filter Box to limit your search.

4. Add Button:  Select to add a Communication.

5. Refresh Button: Select to update the list (use this often if you are updating communications frequently.

6. Report Button:  Select to get a report of communications in PDF form. Choose from:

  1. All Comments
  2. Retracted Comments
  3. Standard Comments


7. Select Add to add a new Communication

8.Fill out the new Communication and Submit

 Note: All fields in red are required.


9. The Communication Log Entry screen will appear.

10. Type out your communication.

  1. You can Submit to Save -or-
  2. Verify if you’re ready to finalize.

 Note: Templates and Addend Comment are not applicable/active in when adding a new Communication.  When Verifying, you must enter your password.



11.To Retract a finalized comment, select the retract button and enter your reason for retracting


12. When Verifying, you must enter your password