Zoom, Minimum client version requirement

This article shows the actions you must take and the notifications you will receive when Technology Services requires a minimum version of the Zoom client.

Periodically, Technology Services will require users to update their Zoom client.  This minimum version requirement is necessary for security and functionality purposes.  The table below shows upcoming minimum versions that will be required.  Future minimum version requirements and their associated deadlines will be posted here.  Note: The minimum client requirement will only affect UIUC Zoom users.  These will not affect external attendees joining UIUC Zoom meetings.

For more information about how to check your Zoom client version please see Zoom's support article: Viewing the Zoom version number

Deadline Minimum Version Associated Clients
January 12th, 2022 12:00 am 5.8.6 Windows, macOS, Linux, mobile
5.0.1(4295.1111) Chrome OS
August 8th, 2021 12:00 am 5.7.0 Windows, macOS, Linux, mobile
5.0.1(4287.0524) Chrome OS

Please take action and update your Zoom mobile and desktop clients before the date above:

If you do not update your client prior to the date listed above, you will receive the following warning and will be required to update your Zoom desktop application when you attempt to log into the Zoom meeting client.  If you're already logged in when this requirement is put into affect, you will be required to update before you can join your next UIUC Zoom meeting or webinar.

Zoom minimum client version notification.  The update button is in the lower right corner, to the right of the cancel button.

Please click the update button in the lower right corner, at which point you will see something similar to the following update notice shown below.  Click the update button again in the lower right corner.

Zoom client version update notification.  The update button is in the lower right corner of the pop up window next to the Not Now button.